Tuesday, May 14, 2013



How did I manage to survive the past one determining year? It didn't matter how actually, it matters that I lived out of that. Beautifully.

Yeap. My life this past year was beautiful. Nothing was ever that beautiful. A fast-paced, beautiful year. How beautiful it was to me? Indescribable.

I consciously remembered the moment I came in with a smile and a very positive mind. I made sure my mind was positive. Damn positive. More positive than those nerds getting ready to enter the examination hall. I was positive that I could make some friends.

Amazingly, I made many friends. I love making new friends. "I treasure my old ones perfectly". I made friends crazier than me, more loveable, quieter, the ones that are smarter than me, more independent and surprisingly, I found the ones having the same way of thinking as me.

Now here I am at 2.45 am reminiscing the most memorable year in my life. Yet. There is much more to come. I can feel it.

Geessshh. These winners :)

p/s : mana irina? mana farah? mana nina? mana mangkuk ayun semua?