Saturday, March 31, 2018

This will make me remember


It has been a while since my last casual post. I am now working five and a half days per week. I get up around 5.30 every morning, leave from work around 4 in the evening and fall asleep anytime I want because I basically don't have a life, as of now. I've been jogging for a week now as I badly need to change my situation. During weekdays, my social life revolves around the only housemate I talk to because the others just don't talk. On some Wednesday nights, I watch movies with colleagues because it's cheaper on Wednesdays. These are the reasons why I anticipate weekends so much as I get to see real people. To see my family is a must. It's a priority I've been taught to obey. I don't get to see my friends so often these days that I keep missing all those conversation we had.

Yesterday, I acted as a translator for a manager in my farm (side note: I truly hate it when people here call this place a factory) when she was called by our boss. According to him, it was due to her performance and failure of managing that the cost of production rose. I couldn't translate much because some people had made up their minds on certain issues. More to assumptions and words of mouth, from my perspectives. Putting it simple, people make mistakes. And so, after six years, she resigned.

Real people I know don't badmouth and back stab each other. Real people don't tell you that you're doing a good job just to please you. Real people don't go around glorifying people's mistakes and bad decisions to others. Tell them what's right, show them how to do it, execute, follow up and don't ever degrade people. Takkan ni pun nak aku ajar. 

Yesterday will make me remember to always be good, not talk bad, join people talking bad about others and follow a solid principle in life.

I am becoming stressed out of the pressure that is slowly reaching me at a ponderous speed. I am only here for three months and not a single day that I have not felt out of place. Whenever I am at somewhere to learn, nothing had been wrong so I am resetting my intention. The Almighty will show me the way.

I don't regret any decisions I have made. This is my journey. I want to convey it here.

Monday, February 26, 2018

You have all my love

Of all the moments I had hoped to be beside you, yesterday was the strongest.

You, my best friend, are the most contented person I have ever known my entire life. I wish for serenity to surround you and grief to reside in the deepest ocean of your heart. Do not forget or even try to. It was a beautiful memory and a heartfelt presence.

I have all my love for you; anytime, any circumstances and free of charge for I know more than anything that you would definitely, undoubtedly do the same for me too.

Monday, February 12, 2018

It was just not ours in the first place.

It reminds me of the same incident that happened around this time a year ago.

I deeply hoped I won't be hearing the words that brought me fear when I picked up the phone. But no, if it's meant for you, it is meant for you.

Let us be reminded that certain things were not ours in the first place.

And this feeling I have now, to be honest, is bursting from inside. I want and need to talk to someone about it but I am not allowed to.

Therefore Ya Rabb, I depend on You and You only. Please ease our grief.

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Dua hari lalu

Dua hari lalu, kau buatkan aku seakan dilambung-lambung di antara langit dan bumi. Aku seolah-olah terawang-awangan dan langsung aku terbayang-bayang dipermainkan perasaan sendiri. Namun, tidak sedikitpun kau sedar akan kesan dek kata-katamu itu. Malah, kau bangga dengan omong kosong yang kau ucap. Tanpa makna, tiada ketulusan. Pantas aku sedari bahawa aku hanyalah kekosongan yang diisi saat ruang lain sudah dipenuhi. Kini, aku mati akal memikirkan asbab perbuatanmu terhadapku.

Untuk itu, aku kembali membencimu.