Sunday, June 27, 2010

i can't sleep, HELP!!

good half night-morning technology hunters!

first of all, I CAN'T SLEEP! ohh mann i just want to let my brain rest. aku rasa pukul 2.30 tadi aku terjaga sebab angin kuat, pintu pun dung dang dung dang je. sekarang aku terjaga balik sebab ape pun aku xtau la. haihh

okeh secondly, i just found a whole community of malay writers with their poems. wahahahahahh i really would like to join them *kening *kening ~kahkahkah (tiru Irina)

and now, speaking of Irina, weih aku kenal la ko cmne. you're not the kind of person who ignores her friends when someone else talks shit about them. you don't leave you're friends when they're in need. and mostly, you are very protective. i'm glad, really glad to have you as my friend. to not have you in the group is a loss okeh.

pastu pasal si mamat %&*# tu, pegi mampus la dia. ape la yg dia xpuas hati pasal ko. dah la, buat bodoh je kalo nmpk dia okeh. byk lg bende lain ko boleh fikirkan drpd si #$*& tu kan.

okeh let's continue. when i looked at my sunflowers yesterday, i was so sad. hihihihi i don't want to cry over my own faults again. tu salah momo la. sape suruh dia usap2 kat penutup kotak kasut sampai bende tu timpa pokok aku? agaknye sehari dua lg jadi in memories of je la hadoii.
but i still have hopes for it.

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