Thursday, July 15, 2010

a view of harmony

ye ye technology hunters :0
trimas semua especially irina, hana ngan farah :)

irina ko tau x aku mmg nk beli cd tu dari dulu lg?! hana perasan eh bilik zu xde jam? kehkeh farah aku baru igt janji ko tu hahah.

okeh mesti korg mcm "hah?? ape berlaku??" kehkeh sebenarnye aku sangat sangat terharu ngan diorg. hoii i had never expect that kind of gifts, okeh? the bday party was okeh je. nothing much actually. but nothing less too.

comel kan cup cake dia :)

anyway, lets proceed.

i was kind of tensed up because of the competition. my very last option is "aku xnk masuk la weh". i am tired of arguing. i am tired of people who always want to put their only feelings in the spotlight. they just don't care about others. whatever it is, as a friend of mine has said, let time do its work.

next, the good news i've been waiting for. gile ah. Alhamdulillah syukur gile aku dpt.
what to do next?
work harder, or stop working?

enjoy :)

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