Saturday, August 7, 2010

menjerit sebab TERKEJUT!

hai technoworld :)

hahahah. the title is the translation. hahahah

so, how's your day? mine's fine. just fine.

it's saturday and there was school. i went.
after a while, i soon realised that today's subjects were
'sit back and do nothing'. how fun is that.
but i'd prefer going to school than home-schooling. kahkahkah

ever seen 'Man vs. Wild' on NatGeo?

this Bear Grylls is a very tough man. very adventurous too. he eats almost everything that he sees. from lizards to insects, snakes, rats and even scorpions. and i think jumping from a great height has become his hobby hahah. he has a great cameraman too. just look at the videos.

i just love this show. find out more about this man here.

enjoy :)

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