Sunday, September 26, 2010

as time passes

hi techno world :D

okehh maybe both of you can stop urging me now, right? hahahahh thank you thank you :)

Nina's open house was kind of superb hahahahh. there were only four of us and we had to find some ways to entertain ourselves and one of them was to show stupid faces in front of the camera. hahah who can ever neglect that? LOL *i'm lolling hahahahh

na aku pinjam gmba ko ek

let's review some of our childhood memories. the main thing i love about being a child is that you don't have any worries. you don't have to worry about where your clothes are, whether your lunch is ready or not or actually the question is supposed to be who's going to prepare the lunch, who would wake you up in the morning (i think our first best friend in high school was the alarm clock). to compare them to now, i think i, you, we and every sane human being own all the worries that's possible to exist.

do you still remember the moment when you had your first something? your first phone, bike? your first raya shoes which you were allowed to choose them yourself? or maybe your own room? (i had everything in my mind on what will my room going to be, but i think i'd better just store them safely deep in my mind till i'm 18) something you value so much that not a single thing can replace it. remember how delightful you were? your expression? your feelings? how mad you were at someone who touched or ruined that precious thing? how you'd give them a tight slap when anyone insulted you on it?

just imagine how protective, how brave you were to defend your things. and how you just ignored what other people said. all in your mind was "this is my property. get your hands out of it". did you worry about what would people think? no, i guess.

oh i miss all that. how simpler life was then.

and i don't know why but it took me approximately 3 hours to finish this post. blame facebook not me. hahahh

p/s: ingin ku ulang ke masa dulu.

anyhow, enjoy :)

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