Tuesday, September 7, 2010

change of plan

hai technology hunters :)

change of plan.
balik raya lepas sahur besok pagi. hahahahh xmenyempat2 :))

okeh today, as i was browsing one shoes shop, i felt damn angry and annoyed.

you know the feelings when you were to find something that you really want, and you needed some time to search for it, and you were to enjoy that moment, but time wasn't enough, the shop was like a packed tin of sardine, and there were some annoying people around you, and you felt like bashing and slapping them, but you just can't because you had to mind your manner, and your head felt like bursting into shattered pieces, and your parents were ignoring that,
but deep inside you just felt like you NEED to scream.

have you ever feel this way?

first, i was looking for a pair of raya shoes. i had imagine something in my mind, what i want on that shoes, what colour it should be and everything else. at the shop, there was this one akak who was so annoying because she was like "dik, yg ni xnk ke?" and "cuba la dulu" and "ye la, selera remaja lain" and "yg ni cantik ni". errgghh memekak la ko aku tgh tgk2 ni kan. then i was just too annoyed, and my parents were rushing and i just took that emo-looking shoes as to my feelings, that would keep her quiet.

haii beli kasut raya pun susah.

raya lagi dua tiga hari, so

anyway, enjoy :)


  1. yes, aku faham.
    satu cara utk aku elakkan dr berckp dgn salesgirl ialah pasang mp3, pakai earphone.
    so bila dorang ckp ape2 kan, aku just pura2 x dengar sbb pakai earphone