Thursday, October 7, 2010

what's the point?

techno-remedy :)

hah, hah let's start motivating ourselves because the exam is in 2 weeks time.
hahahh cuba jgn panik. fikir macam aku > exam? 2 weeks? ohh, okeh. HAHAH

how to stop worrying when you have loads of things going through you?

in our lives, we can't run away from problems. OBVIOUSLY. even if we could, there is no such safe holes exist to hide you anywhere on earth, either deep down in which if you go too deep, you'll be melting or if you go in the water, you'll be eaten by the sharks or whales or undiscovered sea monsters HAHAH. anyhow, in short, you'll be DEAD in any way.

to make it clear, almost every one of us shares the same worry which is


have you ever worried about something till you can't sleep because you just can't stop thinking? or maybe a condition that you've just received a short notice or a last minute work that must be handed in tomorrow? honestly, everybody hates short notice. rushing, keeping up with perfect timing, wouldn't you feel so stressed that you just wanted to throw everything away? you feel like getting rid of those 'trash' that support you monthly but you just can't because you'll be living in the streets by doing that. conclusion?

the big step to just stop worrying is to stop thinking too much. stop worrying about the things that are out of your duty. CALM DOWN. when you feel that you are too tired, too bored to just carry on, you were about to give up and lose hope, instead of giving up, TAKE A BREAK. relax your mind. believe that everything you're doing is worth it.

next, share your problems with a partner. a friend you can trust. RELEASE THE TENSE you're bearing with. don't find faults at those critical times. assume everything is well done and there is no room for any mistakes. you've given your best shot, right?

and maybe lastly, keep everything in control. ensure all the plannings is stored safely in your mind or anywhere where you can find them whenever you need them. you know how to do it, you know how it works, the last step is to DO IT. don't complicate things. make things seemed so easy for you and your partners. COMMUNICATE WELL. talk clearly with your partners when things turned upside down.

but who knows, at a time, you'll be working with stupid short notices but receive a 5 to 6 digits salary? prefer to think that as lucky or unlucky?

but sometimes, perfectness lies in the imperfectness.

enjoy :)

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