Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the comeback

technology hunters :)

i prefer not to call it 'the comeback'. its sounds 'spooky' hahah. anyways, i am very truly sorry for abandoning you, PANIC!. i hate to explain why so i left the hatred somewhere else. i really freakingly miss typing to you, PANIC!. now, we meet again :) *gile

so, the last few weeks before school ended were hectic. i did not entered my class for the whole two weeks after exam. tipu lah, aku masuklah kejap2. but, i managed to escape on the last week of school. see, i need a rest. i am exhausted.

and recently, as the holiday has started, my money flew up high. i saw my money was taking a flight to all around the world. and there goes my money.

on friday, the photography team's high tea was okeh. it was okeh, okeh. it's a lie. it was boring. we ate and talked. ate and talked. ate and talked. never mind, at least i ate and talked with my friends hahah.

and on saturday, we ate pozzo for the class party. at least that was free. i was so jealous of leng may's shoes. crap, i love that shoes. there were three of us on a table of six so we're kind of over-full that we had to finish some of the other three 'good people' who did not show up. and the solution was packing the leftovers.
haihh :D

miss hana :)

miss amira :)

and miss leng may :)

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