Friday, December 31, 2010


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so, today is the last day of the year 2010. 2010 has brought real meaningful memories to me. i've met new friends, i've made mistakes, i've gain success, and i've open myself; theoretically and practically to others.

i don't really trust anyone but my family. i have a hard time to put my trust on anybody. for me, to trust is to be loyal. sometimes, i felt my heart broken into pieces having a friend whom i trusted to crush that particular 'trust'. so, to just comfort myself, i store that 'trust' deep down in my heart so that i would not get my heart broken anymore. that's me. i hate it when i got my heart broken and when i tell anyone, they'll just spread out a few 'comforting' lines of sentences despite the truth that they don't really care. you know, you may see me as someone who looks like the 'living life to the fullest' or 'forget everything, just smile' type. i just don't share the ups and downs of my feelings with anyone.

form 4 is a start for me to meet new friends. i love new friends. i love first impressions. they just don't know and don't care about my past. they won't talk about it. and again, i hate talking about the past. like what people say, let bygones be bygones.

2010 had also hurt me in a way that i've lost old friends. they've moved to other schools. seeing them again made me cry. i just felt that i was left behind. i had questions of why didn't i do this, why didn't i do that. anyways, i don't want to think or talk about it again. just let it be~ oh let it be~.

i've stripped off my old face mask and put a new one saying 'i am new and i am feeling good'. so, whenever i see an old friend and they say, "zue, you've changed!", i'll put a smile on my face and reply "no, i didn't. i am still the same old zuriani, just better".

p/s : this is going to be my last post in english. so, starting from the next post, i'll be writing in bm :)

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