Saturday, February 26, 2011

let time decides

wehh technology hunters :)

the early weeks of this particular school year was man, i love it. i was damn eager to start off as a senior. but then, a few weeks later things changed. i won't talk about it here. this is for you; please, don't over-react.

i hate it when some people stare at me or call me but turn their backs away and like shitting hell run away. i really really hate it. if you know me, you would know that i had never hate anyone that much. what the shit? to my sane mind, i did not, i repeat I DID NOT do anything wrong or any stupid shits that hurt them.

i had been in your situation before. i know exactly how it feels. you would want some people to notice you, to care about you, to know that you're there. but, one thing for sure that you have to bear in your mind is they have their own lives to care about. they have dozens of other people; families, friends to take care of.

that does not mean you're not important. it's just that, come on, get a life. meet new friends. be good to the new friends. you know, when we do good things to others, they will remember. even the smallest bits of them. what goes around comes around. and yes, when we hurt someone, sooner or later we'll get our heart broken too.

now, please, have a respect towards other people. even though they are your friends, even though you already know them. and one thing, even though you know them, can you tell what's deep down inside their hearts?

ohh, by the way,
these are a few of the souls that i need to take care of,

you surely have some, right?

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