Wednesday, March 23, 2011

let me stand on my feet now

technology hunters :)

it's been a while. i just needed time to let go my feelings and emotions after the camp. i was completely mixed up. happy, relieved, sad, angry, but mostly devastated. i was in despair. but, alhamdulillah, i am satisfied now. okeh, anyway, i'm done about the camp. so let's close the chapter.

weirdly, these few days, i really felt some kind of feelings that i, myself could not express it through words. so let the pictures tell the thousand words.

sometimes, i just feel that i have high hopes. maybe i am right. i depend on some people too much. i much likely needed someone, anyone to be by my side at a particular moment. i can't go on alone. i need an ear to listen to me, an eye to watch me and maybe a voice to tell me some things i already know.

so from this right moment, i have decided that i can stand on my own feet now. i can walk straight now. i'm not scared of the future anymore. i'll face whatever to come. never mind, you can let go of me. it wouldn't matter much.

but, i just need a favour from you. whenever i feel helpless and hopeless, please don't let me fall. don't ever.

~and i flap my wings and i learn how to fly

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