Sunday, September 25, 2011


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It has been a while.

A while since I got my tears rolled down on my cheeks. A while since someone lent her shoulder for me to cry on. A while since someone told me to just let everything go.

It is hard. Freakingly hard to let go. As time flies, you wouldn't know how great certain things have affected you. You wouldn't realise. So did I.

One thing I realised is I am not as soft as before. Hard situations could easily make me cry. Ask Farah. Now, you say what you want, just anything you want, to me, I don't know why but you'll get a sarcastic reply. I assure you. That made me hurt people's feelings easily.
And I hate that.

Many things had happened in this three weeks. Tragic things. It struck my mind that life is short. So short. So fragile. Appreciate what you have now.

Who am I to tell you how fragile life is anyway?

p/s : 'Hasbiyallahu wanikmal wakil : cukuplah Allah sebagai pengatur bagiku'.

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