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how high are your hopes actually?

techno world :)

Kita berjumpa lagi (-_-). Jadi aku nak sum up kan perkara / peristiwa penting yang pernah berlaku pada aku selama aku dekat sekolah menengah *tak berapa in the mood

Form 1
Not many or should I just say majority of you (macam ramai gile je; hish ayat bajet) tak tahu perkara ini. I hate speaking about this. Really, up till now. So if you meet me somewhere out there, by coincidence or with intentions, don't bring this up, please.

I was a former sbp student. Yes, but I won' t tell what school exactly.
Tapi kalau dah tahu tu, diam2 je lah (trimas ye). Everyone I met after that puts the blame on me, even until now. "Oh, ni lah yang sekolah - tu ye", "Ni yang dua minggu tu ek?". Come on la. What would you do if you were in my shoes, man?

I was there for two weeks. I couldn't hold on to living in such a place where I felt as if I'm a bird living in a cage. I was in despair. I was only thinking about going back to Seremban. So, here I am now. If I were still there, Splats would be just a dream. Right?

#Form 1
I had the biggest fight in my entire 13 years of living. We were friends from primary school. You know the feeling when out of the blue, someone attacks you at your weakest point? Feeling hopeless and helpless, I didn't fight back.
I stood out quietly and cried all my heart out. That was what I did best. Cry. Could crying solve any problem even the tiniest of all? NO. But, I cried. I felt dumb. And stupid. And foolish.

But, after all these years, all three of us made it out, we're able to forgive each other, forget the past and move on. Now, those two persons became my best friends. One of them is my classmate whom I really love and share some things with and the other one is the one that gives me advice and tells me to be strong. Alhamdulillah.

#Form 2
I went to my first prs camp. That moment, if you see me, you can tell that I'm just an ordinary girl with very low self-esteem. I repeat,
very low! The seniors were very respected by us and till now, Amirah, Ain and I are still having a good relationship with Kak Qama :)

# Form 4
Splats are official. The name was first The Splashers but then Nina decided to change to Splats. We have six in the clan; me, Nina (believe it or not, it has been 12 years since I knew her), Farah, Hana, Irina nenek and Amirah or Miera as what she refers to hahah.

The story behind the name of Splats :
We go by the name 'Splashers' as we are just so into jumps and hops. And that also came from the splash of water, as you can see the influence of Obsessive Droplets Disorder aka O.D.D is still there ;p" *from our blog
p/s : ODD is from Irina

Why we changed into Splats :
Farah, Irina and Amirah entered the photography competition last year by the name 'Splasher' because that was just half of us entering. After they won the competition, people kept calling us 'Splasher'. Even the article in the paper also wrote it as 'Splasher'. Man, what is that? Hahah Nina couldn't tolerate with that anymore and so did I :D

we really didn't get to take a full picture of the six of us

# Form 4
I got the post for the head prs. It made me feel so grateful till now. I thought if it wasn't Zai, it would be me who's going to get that. But Zai got the offer to sbp or something.

I had the best moments in school as I have a thing to cling on to. I kept myself busy with prs stuff and what I wanted to do for us. There are definitely good times and bad times but I am sure I tried my best. Ada lah lubang sini situ tapi semua okeh (kot; hahahah).

# Form 5
I was kicked out from my former class, Sigma. Hahahah not kicked out actually, I passed 3 classes down to Zeta (classes of pure science are Sigma, Zeta and Delta only :( ). Ahh, I felt myself was like pieces of stupidity clumped together into a big lump of dumbness. Who would not feel sad at the very moment? Life's been hard since then as I had to tolerate with studies besides my own thinking perspective that claimed how stupid I am to be 3 classes down. I had never been in Zeta. That way it put me in a very comfortable zone that it had never crossed my mind I would be there.

Sooner I realised I couldn't blame things to be in a way that I don't want, so I stopped referring to others faults. I told myself I've forgot the feelings on being behind since I am always in front. Splats are always holding each others' back so I don't have to worry I'm left behind.

In Zeta, I met my soul mate, loving desk mates, caring friends, friends to chat with whenever you're tired staring at books and people who are willing sincerely to help others. I wouldn't ask anything more than that.

So now, I really don't know what to do despite the things I've planned to do after spm.
Boredom is killing me.

p/s : Amboi, panjangnye tulis. Maklumlah, banyak masa terluang hihihi.

all in frame, finally!

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