Sunday, January 8, 2012


techno world :)

When it comes to new year resolution, there are just so many things to talk about. And of course, needs and desires are important. For the moment, let's don't talk about desires. Actually, I don't have money, so I can't have any desires. I'd noted this; desires come after money.

2012 will lead me to my future. Whatever lies ahead, I'll face it with great expectations (ayat bajet bro). Anyway, I'll make sure I'll step into a college or a university this year. I'll accept any kinds of scholarship or apply any kinds of loan for that. Yes, that pathetic. And that desperate. What?! I'm not a bank -_-

I feel so old saying I'll be 18 in seven months. My regret in school is "Why didn't I be cooler senior?". Is that a regret? No, no hahaha. It's just that "Why didn't I have more memories?". More memories such that "Why didn't I be great at sports?" and "Why didn't I have excellent results?".

Shit. Stop crapping. I've had enough. I had great friends around me. The one thing I'm not regretting is the stupid things we did during school. Ah, oh yeh, breaking rules. That's above all fun :)

p/s : Saving every cent I can for May. What's in May? ;)

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