Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sometimes, we tend to forget

He said, "You're supposed to be better".

Did I? Really? Am I eligible to question that? I am? Really? Oh, come on. Wake up.

Sometimes, we tend to forget we live in a wheel-like world. We tend to forget the flow of life. We tend to forget that in this transitory world, nothing stays the same. We, as humans, however have to accept the changes affecting our lives despite how hard they change us. Deal with the changes so life can go on.

Am I not good? Or, am I no good? I've been questioning myself with those stupid damn questions for a week now. And, unfortunately, I haven't come up with a solid damn answer. I couldn't, actually. I hate it when I keep having these questions circling my mind the moment I wake up till I sink into dreams later at night. It's very frustrating.

Talking about regrets, I just couldn't have one even though there's a lot of things to be regretted. I'd love to have regrets on what I didn't do but would that even matters? Who cares? I have even developed the who-cares attitude thanks to what happened. Damn, I feel so pathetic. I'll stop getting so emotionally angry now. Sorry.

Anyhow, you couldn't be angrier than me. You wouldn't. My anger just submerged yours.

This will take time but I'll recover. I will. I promise.
I just can't promise you I'll be the same person after I've recover.
For that sake, I apologize.

p/s : gotta go with the flow :)

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