Sunday, April 1, 2012

Delilah, Aezack and Partner

My best friend just went far away,
to find peace I would say.

She got on the plane,
as of nothing to explain.

She was on 8 hours of flight,
without any feelings of fright.

She is ought to be brave,
as she is no person's slave.

She went to perform her 'ibadah,
as it would strengthen her 'aqidah.

One day I hope we could go together,
at a place which offers some things better.

She is called my best friend,
as she would hear and understand.

She doesn't even judge,
so I gave her a simple trust.

To love her for who she is,
it is such a perfect bliss.

Come back with time to spare,
for I have tons of stories to share.

Though we will part on some other day,
I hope for now we could stay.

p/s : wah dari mana datangnya ilham ni hikhik
*kalo mase ko blk nnti, ko dpt baca post ni sebelum ditenggelamkan oleh posts lain yang akan dtg, i don't know what to say yoo hahahah