Monday, April 2, 2012


Life has never been this good,
as by my side she always stood.

I've known her for quite long,
long enough to sing the same song.

With joy and laughter to portray,
I know we would be very gay.

Although life at times is full of lies,
we speak the truth in our eyes.

She's not that kind of girl,
who cries at every swirl.

She may seem hard on the outside,
but she never confides, put that aside.

Maybe she missed her luck thrice,
all I know it's not fair at dice.

Concerned of others, she is,
whenever I need, she'd assist.

She taught me to be strong,
also to claim where I belong.

Told you I got your back,
so don't be afraid and just act.

To separate in the future we may,
we'll be together at hearts anyway.

A five-years promise to hold,
for my life to take control.

Never did I think,
we would be this charming hikhik.

gaspard and lisa wakaka

p/s : my best friend :)

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