Saturday, April 21, 2012

no appeasement?

When you're forced to do things you don't want to do and to say things you don't want to say, you will feel hopeless. You'll feel the whole damn world is against you; in fact disagrees with you. Adding to that, no one else knows how you feel and feels how you feel.

Frankly and honestly speaking, some people only know how to get angry and put the blame on your face. Neither they help to solve the matter nor they know to at least stay quiet. What a wonderful world and wonderful people in it.

What you have are just the good memories of the past and the regrets of the present. You know, to hope for anything in the future is a pain in the ass. Come to think of it, time lies and that makes you and I live in a huge circle of lies. Again, what a great world!

Somehow, you feel the world is better off without those people. What you do not know, or notice, the whole world is actually better off without you.

p/s : hasbiyallahuwani'malwakiil

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