Saturday, August 25, 2012


You know, you'll reach the stage of life where it is called 'Adult' or 'Adulthood'. This is where you're supposed to learn how to grow up. I think you missed out that we, people need to grow up. We also have to learn how to respect other people, by any means. It's sad that you're lacking in both of them.

Somehow, I've known you for years. But honestly, I am not that close to you. I part from you more thanks to what happened in the past. Thanks to you, actually. What you did was unacceptable and inconsiderable. I was a fool to take that seriously. My innocent mind at that moment couldn't take people for granted so I got stuck with lots of questions. And, none of them was answered.

Leave the past behind.

As a friend, I am asking kindly for you to grow up. I am asking you to reflect on your actions and to think before you talk or act. Thank you in advanced.

Here, I stress on telling I am not noble. Do not judge and discriminate.

I'm sorry that I may be rude but I can't submit myself to your childish act.
I really can't. I've tried. I'm losing my patience.

p/s : downgraded.

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