Wednesday, August 22, 2012

things going on recently

I have lots to talk about. Bunch of things to write. But the moment I sit with the laptop in front of me, I get blanked. Why oh why?

So, I've decided to talk about what happened recently. I'd finished test 2, bid farewell to Ramadan, welcomed Syawal and currently counting the days for final exam. It was tiring and I fully worked my sweat out.

1st Syawal was really boring that I get bored even talking about that. So let's get going. Final is going to be harsh. I know that already.

Leaving that aside, I'm going to meet Splats on Thursday. Be here, girls. Ewah, gaya bimbo nampak *muntah 

Did you realise that this blog is slowly turning into a book of poems? When I don't have things to write about, I write poems instead. Forgive me, my bad ;)

p/s : puisi itu seni dan bagaimana kau nak menghakimi seni yang dasarnya abstrak?

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