Monday, January 28, 2013

Thus, I shall deny it

"Love is for the way you look at me".

Who am I, to speak of love?

I know very little of love for I have never known love before.

Thus, should I not speak of it?

Should I keep silent of it?

Oh, dear, tell me.

What should I do?

Have I had any knowledge of love?

Have I had ever notice love?

There would be noes.

Am I incapable when it comes to love?

Am I astound?

Why oh why?

Dear, tell me why.

Has love come and approach me?

If ever so, tell me.

Where do these butterflies come from?

And these sunflowers, why do they bloom in such sudden?

Tell me.

Where do these feelings aroused from?

Why do I keep being intrigued?

This confusion leads me to no solution!

Decline it, I shall.

For I have never known love before.

Oh, forgive me, but I shall never speak of love!

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