Saturday, February 23, 2013

one feeling


1000 feelings all mixed up. The most dominant one is anger. May I express my anger?

There are moments when you got things messed up and your mind could not think straight. You were stuck in between finishing work and getting another work done. You were almost stressed out. The last solution is to ask for help.

You know what? You asked for help. You asked. What happened? The one person you thought could help could not. Why was that? This one person did not want to help. Instead, this one person gave you an annoying damn reply with an annoying damn tone.

So, you left annoyingly. And you were annoyed. This was very annoying.

I guess that was a test from Ya Rabb. Allah is Great and His Plannings are Great.

Seek help only from Allah The Almighty. He knows everything and He helps those who are in need.

p/s: seriously, if you know me, you will know I rarely ask for help.

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