Sunday, August 11, 2013

A letter to all sons and daughters


These are my perspectives. At this moment, I ignore yours.

Today, I watched a great father and a great mother fell. They are my uncle and aunt and I love them.

I have many questions. I'd really like you to read attentively. When you do, you know that you already have the answers. As always, these are not the only answers.
You know why Allah created us humans?  
You know why Allah gave us parents?
You know why Rasulullah asked us to follow his sunnah?

 Allah created us humans in order to be a khalifah. A leader on the land which He created. A leader in an urge to lead himself before he is ought to be capable of leading others. Of course, he should lead to the path of success.
Allah gave us parents because He wants to show a khalifah has responsibilities. Thus, he is responsible of himself and the persons who raised him to become a person.
Rasulullah asked us to follow his sunnah not on the purpose of making us become like him. We can never be The Prophet Sallallahualaihiwasallam. It is so that we can be a great ummah to him. Pada siapa lagi kita nak minta syafaat di Padang Mahsyar kelak bila kita dah mengeliang-ngeliuk kepanasan?

You know why Allah created feelings for us?
If feeling happy could bring you closer to Him, then happy you would be.
If feeling sad could bring you closer to Him, then sad you would be.
If feeling content could bring you closer to Him, then content you would be.
If only feeling angry could bring you closer to Him, then angry you would be only because you will be closer to Him.

You know? If you do not know the answers to my questions, I don't blame you. I blame your brain for not being used and your body for not having a heart.
Ah, and I'll blame your soul for being empty.

Yelah, tin kosong kan. Orang pijak-pijak, sepak-sepak, timang-timang dan akhirnya buang jugak.
Selagi kita ada mak abah, berbaktilah pada mak abah masing-masing. Aku rayu pada kau. Kau tahu? Orang yang takde mak abah tu berharap diorang kembali. Ni kau buat gila, kau suruh pegi mampus, kau bodoh-bodohkan. Kau tu pandai sangat?

p/s : pegi mati dengan falsafah 'orang muda' kau. kau bukannya muda lagi.

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