Monday, April 14, 2014

How did it land here?


As time passes by, I have now realized. I have grown hate inside me. I have never accumulated these unidentified sum of hatred.
It's not even a year yet but it's all I need to grow so much hate for certain people. I thought I can bear the anger and bury any dissatisfaction inside me. I have been facing much disappointments I couldn't handle anymore. How did hatred land here? How can it land here in my heart? How come?

I think I've had enough. Please pull me back into the track. Please put these shattered pieces of me together. It doesn't matter if they are disorganized. I don't really mind. I'm none but sad.

Let me take a break. Maybe my return will be just the same. Only harsher.

P/s : Absence of painless nights really gives the fright.

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