Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Who knows?


Who knows what happens and what will happen actually? I have never imagine myself being 20. I'm not saying this as if I have become an adult.

I am saying with a matured mind that I have never imagine I survived. Not from any catastrophe though. Whatever's in your definition. I hope you get that.

Back to what I was saying, life is so surprising. One moment you're on this stage of life and without realising, you've reached another stage. In between those stages is where you find what you're looking for.

Had I not known that being 20 is so reckless. You want to rebel (badly) as you still have that guts of a teenager but the other side of your grown-up brain just tells you to let go. You have decided that you are no longer stupid and you aren't making yourself look like one.

Personally, I think it's interesting to grow up. From all walks of life, you get to experience new things (including people). All sorts of things. Despite the priority and importance of these things, they enter your life without your conscience.

Now with conscience, I'd like some things to stay while others to pass. I get to pick which ones I want to keep. The choice is in my hands.

Let's be ourselves and whoever we want to be. How amazing is that?

P/s : "Esok lusa nak mati dah," kata seorang kawan.

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