Saturday, July 4, 2015

July bliss


July is here. My most awaited month of the year.

It's quite lonely because my birthday falls on the semester break. If I could, I'd treat those friends whom I see everyday during the semester to a nice, small picnic. Seriously.

Anyway, life has been great so far. Everyone has their ups and downs. I don't plan to move slow, I'm planning to be happy and do things I love with passion.

You know, we are lucky to be gifted with friends who accept us for who we are. Friends who accept our flaws and don't seek for mistakes in us. Having all that, I am not asking for anything else.

Sahabat yang bermanfaat dalam suatu persinggahan yang bermakna. Ya, kerana hidup ini hanyalah suatu persinggahan dan sahabat yang lalu sebentar tidak semuanya menetap dan kekal dalam hidup kita.

Your presence is the one memory I will treasure.

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