Thursday, January 21, 2016

It was raining

A rainbow emerged after the rain. It was a very beautiful one. It has colours so vibrant that it stood out leaving the clear blue sky behind as a backdrop. This rainbow brings out light and it lit up the entire hemisphere. The spectrum of colours in the rainbow greatly respects the law of extraction. It was a colourful view to everyone's eyes. Nothing actually detained the rainbow. It must come out, eventually. It has been anticipating for the rain to stop. It has to be here after the rain.

What you did not notice is the coming of this rainbow. Nobody saw it coming. Every soul was too submerged into the thought of rain and storm.

The rain was surely, unexplainably terrible.


P/s : At one point, I was honestly very happy for you. To think that I could become this is an accomplishment for me.

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