Thursday, January 7, 2016

When it's just me but my late night thoughts hit hard

Today is officially the last day of my fifth semester. I had my last paper which was a re-exam. I had early dinner with my bestfriend and I had done nothing productively since I got back to my room a few hours ago.

Set that aside, I want to immerse myself into the thoughts of life. Precisely, my life. 

I've got no words to describe what circles my mind right now.
Literally speechless.

I could write you thousands of words and pages of paragraphs just to explain what I feel right now.

Okay. Contrary to what I wrote earlier, I am not going to write thousands of words or pages of paragraphs.

Let me just be honest. I am just going to write one word and one word only.


Cheesy, as it may sound? It actually depends on your tone and how you say it. How beautiful and how sad everything in this world depends on how you justify it. I like to address things as subjective. It lies in between your definition. How you define things, in this context, love, may not be as similar as mine.

I sometimes feel my fifth semester is full of torment to my own soul. It hurts me that I couldn't express how I feel freely. And to sum up, at 21, I still feel I don't deserved to feel love.

Love has been a confusion for me lately. Whether it is actually love or it is just comfort. I have officially clear out my confusion that this is not love. When two people just feel cozy between each other, without saying that of course, it is not that kind of love. It is friendship. And to be honest, I really value this friendship. It's my wish that all of us would be happy and surrounded by people that love us back. Happy loving, friends!

There you go.

Now, what's love in your definition?

Augustus Waters - "You don't want to be loved widely, you want to be loved deeply."

P/s : Let's act 22, shall we?

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