Wednesday, February 3, 2016

All of these things


It has been a while since I expressed myself on this page, literally. So yeah, I am doing good. It's semester break now and everyday at home is hectic. I accept that family is priority. I have less than five days left for this break (that is supposed to be over after 2 weeks) and that is all because of commitments.  

Commitments, people! It's scary! Nothing scares you more than a commitment! 

I used to have that kind of thoughts. They are still here, at times. You see, sometimes commitments chase you and all you have is to give in and work your sweat off. But sometimes too, you feel like doing something just to prove something. To yourself, mainly.

Set that aside, my seniors who are very close to me just flew to Australia for their internship yesterday. I wanted to send them off so badly but I just didn't have the chance to. It's my turn on February 2017. I will make it happen. My heart is so fond to the promise that "We will go together". I know there will be challenges to go but I will move mountains for this. I know I will.

After doing some thinking, I have my own targets now. I have a 'Point B' which I am getting to. It took me quite a while. I should start thinking, acting and behaving differently. Ought to try new things too. So yeah, 'life' isn't supposed to be so confusing, right?

Enough about me.
Now, how are you, my friend? Are you eating well? Are you doing fine? If you have any trouble figuring out life, I would love it if you could think of it as just a small bump before getting to the end of the road. Put those nails and pebbles on the road aside. Just the thought that you are heading somewhere is good. Eventually, life will drive you to your destination. Just go with the current.

If you don't like where you are, move. You are not a tree.

"Kalau tak jadi, aku pukul kau!"

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