Friday, September 2, 2016

Every second of confusion

Well, hey there. It has been a while.

How are you, my friend?
Are you having any improvement in your life? If you do, I'd say that's incredibly good. Keep it up and please continue achieving. If you don't, I'd never say it's no good. You require ultimate patience and double effort. Give another try, wait and watch. I'm pretty sure success just misses the previous train and is currently on its way.


I have done a lot of thinking actually. Suddenly I was reminded of the failures I have faced before. The reality that I've forgotten most of them struck me.

For me, it's quite comforting to remember that I have failed before. It's also quite cozy to know that those failures didn't hold me back. Well, some of them did for a while but I was fortunate to be able to move forward.

And that makes me think again. Maybe all this time I haven't been trying hard enough. Honestly typing, I really don't know how "trying hard enough" looks like. I was living carefully and I always had that "Oh, I failed? It's okay." mindset.

Now for once in my life, I would really like to have this failure-is-not-okay-try-harder-seriously mindset. I'd like to push myself to the limit that I know not. I want to know what's my limit and how far I can go.

I have one last semester to think this way. That means one last chance before leaving college life. How fast time passes.

And on the other hand, it happened. My mind happened. The can-I-like-you-again question was played.
Just as soon as I saw you.

P/s : "Siapa suruh kau simpan? Orang suruh kau jaga."

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