Monday, September 19, 2016

Pacing Fast

Dear, best friend.

I know you're trying to run,
From the one big bug,
You have forever shun.

But best friend,

I know it's hard for me to understand
A fact that is beyond my grasp
So please, let me know before hand
I'll comprehend with the harsh rasp.

If ever you decided to stay,
Despite your loss of face,
Can you just ignore any fay,
I will help you find the pace.

You are honestly earnest,
If ever you feel hurt,
Fear not, my dearest,
Love is to be remembered.

Let us go through a journey,
Where we will find ourselves,
Unaware of how tiny,
We have been in the life shelves.

P/s : Lucky you, you've got a taste on what love is. 


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