Sunday, December 25, 2016

So actually, what do you want me to do?

1. It makes me so mad when I'm being serious over serious matter but people take me for granted.

2. It makes me so mad when someone close to you doubt your ability to achieve something great. Saying things like "ridiculous".

Somehow, I am really grateful because I am that person who doesn't go hiding when someone touches my point of insecurity. Through these years, I learnt to embrace my insecurities and ignore what other people say. Though most of the time, they hurt.

Come on, who's ever not afraid of the future? But at the same time, don't you feel yourself subjected to something great? By "great" I mean, in your definition of "great". To some, "great" means small and to others, "great" means big. It doesn't matter which ever you choose as long as you feel content.

Sincerely, if our 3-months plan doesn't work, I'm going to blame it on society for being numb, the person-in-charge for being dumb and Malays for being Malays. I'm going to come back stronger. I promise.

Macam mana nk maju kalau asyik perkecilkan usaha orang. Kesian.

1 comment:

  1. You're one of the most positive person I've ever known, so don't let this change you.. Keep getting stronger and proof to the person that nothing is impossible..