Sunday, January 1, 2017

Grow old

How are you, my friend?

We have come to another refreshment. If you think it's just another year, try thinking differently. Acknowledge this as a new beginning to a better you. Grow up, grow old but never grow cold.
You and I will take on different paths. Make mistakes, learn from them and improvise. It really is okay if you have fear. Tell me, who's ever not afraid of the future?

We might not see each other often after this. I would like you to know I appreciate your presence and I always pray the best for you.


It has been quite a journey. The semester is almost over. I only have 2 papers left and a thesis to finish.

I could sum up this current semester as a closure. This is where I met the few people that I am certain would stay for the rest of my life. Somehow, my circle of friends is becoming smaller and I hope I won't regret this but, I like to keep it that way. Friends play a very big part in my life. I really love the fact that these people I'm talking about have become very close to me that I can call them best friends. This is very heartwarming to me besides having the most lovable circle of friends since school.

After all these years, my mother is the only person that I know backs me up silently. She'd tell me I'm this and I'm that and gets mad when I make mistakes but you know, who'd I be without her? I know that as I get older, I actually rebel more (in a mature way). I see that my parents are slowly letting me do things that I really want to do. Yeah, of course money is a big deal and internship requires this big deal. Allah, please help me get though this.

To be loved is a thing, but to be acknowledged is another. I don't believe in love at a first sight. You have to know someone first to feel love. I agreed to that. But according to this person, you are not ready for this kind of thing. You don't even want to get to know me because you're too afraid my feelings will get deeper. Bullshit. Coward. Have I ever say to your face that I like you? I'm sad that I finally understand why you're avoiding me all this while. You just don't know I moved on first before you. Anyway, I hope you stay single forever or at least till graduation. I'm planting dislikes towards you now.

It's only the first day of a new year. Let's hope that this year brings a whole new change for me. I really want to find out what I want to do after internship. Dreams are scattering and I hope, when the right time comes, I'm able to put those pieces of dreams together.

What does the future hold? Let's wish the best for you and I, friend.

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