Sunday, March 26, 2017

So, why don't?


Hello guys. I am back from the sorrow lane. I took a wrong turn but now I'm good. Yep, I can say all is good.

A friend once said, "Why do you have to consider what other people think?". I guess it's a form of fear. I don't know where my soul went to be leaving me this way. Laugh at that, please.

Anyways, it has been great having good friends near you when family is far from reach. You will try so hard to behave in the most understanding way towards people that are not blood related. I do, really. I'm starting not to take into account when people make me feel bad or something. We are just humans after all.

Okay, so I bet as this blog has long been my personal diary, why don't I post some pictures of the Emerald Isle? Anticipate it in the next post :)

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