Monday, April 17, 2017

A letter to my best friend #1


Dear best friend, I hope one day you will read this.

On this fine day, I hope things are going well for you. I hope your life is on track and you find what you have been looking for. I hope you are surrounded with happiness and feel content by doing the things you love.

Little did you know that you are a great friend to me and your presence is what I value the most. You have taught me, mentored me, consulted me and been there when I needed a friend. We may differ in genders and interests but you know, I found our common points slipping through.

You were the one who told and reminded me of what was right and what was wrong. Despite your tone and way of speaking, I understood and took it as a way of you saying you appreciated and love me as your friend. We argued a lot and I will miss those times. As I get to know you more, I am slowly feeling sad realising the fact that we will soon part to our own destiny.

I must say right now, I will feel empty not having you around soon but I know it's time to live our own dreams. Please, take care, eat well and don't feel insecure too much. I know I never said this before but I have looked at you as a wonderful companion. Always.

Kau dan aku
Tiada lagi beza.

Ballyrisode, Cork, Ireland,
25th April 2017.

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