Friday, April 14, 2017

Officially a traveller


As I'm reaching 23, I now finally acknowledge myself as a traveller. I am a traveller of the world.

Just listing out a few countries I've been to :
- Arab Saudi (Mekah & Madinah), 2004
- Indonesia (Bukit Tinggi), 2012
- Cambodia (Pursat & Phnom Penh), 2013
- Japan (Tokyo, Kawaba, Asakusa & Shibuya), 2015
- Hong Kong (at least 2 hours of flight transit), 2017
- United Kingdom (London for 28 hours but I'll say the amazing 28 hours), 2017
- Ireland, 2017

My passport is an incredible album of my journey. Stamped somewhere in there were the moments of my life.

If the incident that I almost went to China alone for a conference in 2016 had happened, then another one would be on that list. This is another story not worth being told due to the ignorance of the educational institute.

I cannot say that I am not proud of myself for Ireland. I am proud of myself because I had the courage, took all the effort and went bravely. Despite all, I went. I am glad that I went.

I went to Ireland without having the chance to think that I can grow into a soul respected by myself. I respect myself. Finally, I know what it sounds like and I know what it means to respect your own self. I deserve what I deserve. I will work hard to deserve what I deserve. I am doing good, better and wonderful.

Thank you.

P/s : I really wish you were here with me, best friend.

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