Saturday, May 13, 2017

A letter to my best friend #3


Even though it has been a few months since we parted, I know you were waiting for our return patiently. Things were very hard these few months. However, realising the fact that you were with me through those ups and downs, I felt at ease.

This letter will be filled with a bunch of 'I's and 'You's. In this world of 'I's and 'You's, I'd like you to know I absolutely enjoyed our time together. Sometimes, when there was too much of 'I's, I did try to allow some 'You's.

I adore you at the times when you didn't know what to do and how to do things but in the end, you finished the task perfectly. You are far more capable than what you imagined. Just so you know, you're brilliant and you deserve to feel brilliant.

I hope you find your way no matter what. I know you will, I'm telling you just so you know.

Whenever you feel lost, I'd like you to remember that you've saved my phone number years ago and it won't kill to make a call. I've time and I surely have some for you. Expressing my love for you isn't a hard thing to do, it's just so cheesy hehe.

Take care, love. See you in August.

Labis, Johor,
14th May 2017.

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