Tuesday, May 23, 2017

If I could see your face once more


Currently, I'm a full-time intern at Labis, Johor. Sometimes, I barely got time to rest. The surroundings here was welcoming at first but as we went week by week, I sincerely hope this phase would end faster.

I came here with a thought that I could challenge myself. Be it social interaction to work ethics. I know I could learn much here. What I didn't expect was the working environment. It's frustrating when you're still working at night and meddling with discussions that put you in an inferior situation. You're not in the position to question some things but when you do, no one wants to listen. How downgraded are interns, especially when you looked like you don't know a thing.

Working with different types of people can really broaden your views. It's confusing at times but most of the time, you have no choice but to follow orders even though they are wrongly made. You have no voice in the decision-making stage at all. That happens when you are workers. What's the point of asking for your opinions but they don't consider yours at all?

I've done trying to stay in safe mode. I will just let my opinions, questions and suggestions out freely. As rational as I am, I will have answers for myself prepared beforehand.

Anyhow, these three weeks pass in a blink of an eye. From now onwards, I know exactly where I want to be.
Nearby reality.

P/s : Even though we didn't stand a chance, I deeply wish the best for you now.

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