Wednesday, June 7, 2017

From July 10th onwards,


How is Ramadan going for you? Is it tiresome? Do you feel blessed? If you still find yourself stucked in between the meanings of Ramadan and contentment, don't worry. We're in the same boat, dear.

To this day, I slowly feel that I, somehow alone have to push myself to the limit. I've thoroughly understand long ago that no one is going to carry neither me nor my load. I hope the people around me feel the same but nope, they don't.

I am tired of trying to please people. I am, really. At some point, I feel so lonely here.

Therefore, from July 10th onwards, I will
1. Stop pleasing people that do not deserve my attention.
2. Look in front of me carefully before making any move.
3. Obtain my parents' blessings in whatever I decide to do in the future.
4. Talk directly but never carelessly.
5. Always open myself to subjectivity but never to any hypothetical judgment.
6. Be bolder and have a clearer standpoint.
7. Find love in every single thing I will be doing.

Friend, I hope you too, will find love in your everydays. Only by love will we see transparently. Don't be scared to move. You'll be okay, trust me.

P/s : My ignorance to underestimate love. Will I ever know?

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