Sunday, July 2, 2017

Aidilfitri 1438H

Love is something that can never be expressed directly from mouth to mouth. Either you feel or you experience it.

Family, along the way supplies you with endless love you can never run out of. No matter what your family condition is, remember if you still have someone to call family, act like one.

Anyway, this Aidilfitri was the kind that brought me much happiness. I don't know why but I feel content now.

I really miss some friends now. "Kalau rindu, whatsapp lah," someone said. I know they might be busy and I might be disturbing so, maybe later. I'm sending a 'Missing You' signal through telepathy. Haha.

I wish you happiness too. Whoever you are, you truly deserve a shot of joy.

"Bersyukurlah kerana mungkin kita bahagia disebabkan doa orang sekeliling," kata seorang sahabat.

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