Saturday, April 30, 2011

never will be

technology hunters :)

Have you ever thought or wondered why there are certain people dislike you, or question you, or react in a way that you notice they are getting rid of you? Why? You hated these. No, you hated them.

"There are all losers" or "They are just jealous of what I have".
But, the question is, do they?

Do they really hate you for what you have? If you think so, go stare at the mirror. Once you do so, look at it once again. If you still think so, have a glance at the mirror for the third time. Then, whatever morons you think of them, they will turn out to be the greatest adviser.

'Cause they are right, and you are wrong.

The trick is when a person says she/he hates you, they are wrong, but when there are more than two persons talk bad about you, you are wrong.

And, one thing, do not ever, I repeat, EVER confront a person or people in front of others 'cause when you do so, that shows how dastard you are.

ohh, how i miss this moment :)

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