Tuesday, February 21, 2012

random days

technology hunters :)

"Shit, brain, work on something and give me an idea to write about", I urged my brain to function normally when the slightest meaning of normal is far from near.

A few days ago, I woke up on my bed hearing some weird music from my phone. I was sure it was the alarm but the music was all different. I picked up my phone, only to see the wallpaper was different and when I explored more inside the phone, the pictures and songs were missing. It was like someone stole my tiny micro card from my phone.

Then, I was starting to imagine myself (I was still lying in bed) having a touchscreen LCD phone a month later. Much like the iPhone but nahh, Samsung Galaxy S2 does a better job. I saw Hana's HTC and suddenly remembered she said her phone costs around RM500 only. You know how much my phone costs? How much my no-touchscreen-3.2mp-camera-with-bad-lighting-the-moment-the-sun-sets costs? Almost RM200 more expensive than hers. And it was a fault to buy it 3 years earlier, I guess.

While I was deeply imagining, I turned off the phone and took out the micro card, put it back in its place, took it out again and put it back again. I took out the battery too and restored it in place. I waited for a few minutes, then turned on the phone. At last, everything was normal again, the wallpaper's normal and no one stole my micro card.

And, my dream was crushed and it shattered into pieces :(

That's my passionate story of my beloved phone. What's your story? :D

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